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And consequently, far from an ideal role model, if it is a successful, enriching and enduring relationship you seek.

But when you’re 24 and still wet behind the ears on matters such as these, you’re forced to gather your dating cues from somewhere other than personal experience.

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Cutting loose a more recent acquaintance should prove simpler, but beware the occasional date who doesn’t take hints well. Now she stops by everyday for smalltalk or we meet at this diner down the street and pick at pieces of pie while our coffee gets cold.

In Reality: Unlike the four characters who made up the core of our beloved for nine years, the average single person actually aspires to put an end to their loneliness someday.

And the only way to do that is to be critical of past relationships, identify why and how they went wrong and apply what you’ve learned going forward.

Probably to my detriment, I unwittingly gathered mine from Jerry, George, Elaine and, yes, even Kramer.

The show played background noise to my early evenings from about ages six to twenty (if you’re questioning my math, one word: reruns), so the selfish, impulsive and cynical behaviors of the show’s core ensemble have always seemed — to me — rather normal. Now I am a young, single Manhattanite and, like each member of the comedic foursome that once acted as my barometer for acceptable social conduct, a serial dater.