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Your bald head isn’t probably something you want to joke about too often, but every once in awhile, making a joke about it will help your cause.Hair loss, just like any other “flaw”, makes you all the more human and relateable.Note: you should only tell hair loss jokes if you’re somewhat comfortable with your baldness, otherwise women will sense your lack of confidence and your Dr. But, if you’re okay with your hair loss, most girls you meet will be cool with it, too.If you’re struggling with your confidence and don’t fully accept your hair loss yet, check out this article: Beat the Balding Blues – How to Overcome Your Hair-Loss Related Stress, Depression and Insecurities in Two Weeks or Less.

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Start your plan by asking yourself a few basic questions such as: Focus on what you can control.

Tell others about your plans, too, if possible, as this will up the ante in your subconscious mind and help keep you on-course.

If you’re still struggling with your confidence, check out this article on how to fake it until you make it in life, written specifically with balding men in mind!

That's right, billiard heads: a full 76% of women just don't care...

or actually prefer that smooth, shiny cue ball set atop your neck.