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Karan acknowledged at the beginning that they are a Chopra and a Kapur, but not “that” Chopra and Kapur.

And it’s true, they don’t even have those family connections.

In the Ranveer-Ranbir episode, Karan got the elephant out of the room right away by asking about Deepika. No, they aren’t even that scandalous or interesting. I guess this is what makes Karan’s show so different from other celebrity talk shows?

Aditya dances around it too, but finally says that right now he isn’t in a relationship, he is just “chillin”. Based on the hoots and hollers he got for his friendly appearance in , my feeling is that his fan-base is rowdy over-sexed young women.But some kind of girlfriend thing where he is unavailable but also not giving us a perfect marriage fantasy, that’s THE WORST.So until Aditya is officially married and posting sappy selfies of himself and his wife and their perfect home, going with “chillin”, as in “you can pretend that if I met you in real life we might have a magical one night stand”, that is optimal career-wise.I don’t want to talk to someone about workout and dieting all the time!What about current affairs, new movies, gossip, ANYTHING ELSE?