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In 1929, a special license endorsement for "unlimited radiotelephone privileges" became available in return for passing an examination on radiotelephone subjects.This allowed amateurs to upgrade and use reserved radiotelephone bands without having to pass a difficult code examination.The FCC classifications of licensing have evolved considerably since the program's inception (see History of US amateur licensing, below).

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5, 2018 Organizer: Glenn Panner [email protected] World Amateur Team & U. 9-11 Playing site: BASIS Independent Silicon Valley School 1290 Parkmoor Ave., San Jose, CA 95126 For tournament and hotel details email Joe Hanley - [email protected] or call 714-925-3195.In the United States, amateur radio licensing is governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under strict federal regulations.In the 1950s and 1960s, Novice, Technician and Conditional exams were given by licensees acting as volunteer examiners. Amateur First Grade required an essay-type examination and five (later ten) words per minute code examination before a Radio Inspector at one of the Department's field offices.No Advanced and very few Amateur Extra exams were administered during this period, leaving the General exam as the only exam class regularly administered by the FCC. This class of license was renamed Amateur Class in 1927 and then Amateur First Class in 1932.