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For married women, too, the fear of yet another pregnancy — yet another child — meant many avoided sex as much as possible, whatever their desire.

None of this means, of course, that individual women did not enjoy sex, or seek it out for recreation or release, or find comfort in love and sex with men or women.

That individual women could feel pleasure should have been self-evident.

But the procreative model remained powerful, even dominant, because it was tied neatly to the way gendered bodies were culturally, politically and scientifically constructed.

Women who felt too much pleasure were suspect, perhaps unnatural.

This was a particular risk in the hot climates of Australia: women were believed to reach puberty earlier and more violently, rendering them more open to pathology, even nymphomania.

There were practical reasons, too, why a woman may not have felt pleasure, or attempted to curb her desire.

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