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Research has found that eating or drinking broccoli in the form of juice could help stop type 2 diabetes.Professor Anders Rosengren, of Lund University Diabetes Centre in Sweden, said: 'Since sulforaphane has very few side effects and can easily be provided as a broccoli shake or drink - for example - it has the potential to become an important compliment to existing treatment options for type 2 diabetes.'We will now work to make broccoli sprout extract available to produce as a functional food.' The 'taste buds' that line the wall of the intestines are called enterochromaffin cells.The reason why eating too much cabbage can leave you running to the toilet has finally been revealed by scientists.

U vindt hier alle vogels uit het vraagprogramma van de NBv V. But both men are exceptionally experienced street cops who wear their knowledge and ability very lightly. Before long we are moving at high speed in a flash of blue lights and sirens to the north inner city responding to a firearms call.Each day as the shift begins, Sgt Tallon assesses the latest intelligence information and then briefs the unit about the various criminal and terrorist threats in Dublin. Weapons drawn, arms outstretched and eyes always searching, Tallon and Roche quickly make their way up the stairwell and advance cautiously to a door.At times this was tough, but the exercise provided a fascinating insight into the type of challenges and problems facing gardaí.The ASU are constantly called upon to respond to a variety of calls and incidents with speed and precision.