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Kean was born and raised in the City of Kingston, Jamaica.

Six feet two inches tall, broad-shouldered, handsome and dark-skinned, a fine exemplar of Jamaican masculinity, he came to Canada at the age of twenty, in 1994, and has lived here ever since.

In 2018, with their sons and daughters away at college, Kean and Heidi Mc Dowell found themselves bored, and experiencing empty nest syndrome...

Life has been kind to Kean and Heidi, even though things weren't easy for them as a black male/white female couple raising a family in the City of Toronto.

Their lovely townhouse felt empty, and even though Heidi was busy with her job as a senior partner at Calloway, Jansen & Williamson, the law firm that she co-founded with some law school friends decades ago, she felt...bored and empty.

Kean and Heidi had always had a kinky and varied sex life, so she wasn't totally surprised when her husband suggested that they start swinging... " Heidi asked Kean, as they lay in bed, the night he suggested that they start swinging, as in have sex with other people.

Heidi grinned, and turned around, pressing her big white ass against Kean's groin.

With a smooth thrust, Kean entered Heidi's pussy, and the middle-aged, lusty Irish-Canadian woman moaned, welcoming her husband's thick dark rod as he penetrated.

Kean Mc Dowell knew that he attracted hatred and envy as a good-looking black man with a university degree, a six-figure salary, a white wife, mixed-race sons and daughters, and a nice house in the suburb.

"Hmm, this is nice," Heidi said at the time, as Kean bent her over, tied her arms behind her back, and then spanked her big pale ass.

At first Heidi tried to resist yelling, but Kean spanked her some more, and soon she was squealing, as her ass turned bright red thanks to Kean's energetic spanking.

Kean loved those things about Heidi, but he also loved to remind her of his kingship every now and then...

"Give me that ass," Kean said to Heidi, after she finished polishing his dark dick with her succulent mouth.