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Chatru is next village from Gramphoo towards Kunzum Pass.Located at an altitude of 3300 metres, Chatru is 17 kms from Gramphoo and in the perspective this stretch from Gramphoo to Chatru has the better roads in comparison to other stretches towards Batal, Chandratal and Kunzum pass. Chatru is also an important base as normally this is where Hampta Pass trek will end, if one does not include Chandratal in it. Actually for commuters these two restaurants (another one is coming near by) are what Chatru is all about.

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Besides these two (or may be three this year) dhabas, Chatru also has a PWD rest house where tourists can stay subject to availability of rooms.There is also stark difference between roads on the two sides.Keylong-Leh road is the sort of expressway compared to this one. It is serves as a tea/refreshment stop for vehicles going to/ coming from Kaza side in Spiti valley.Its also the place where people end the Hampta Pass trek.