Updating my directx

I think something is wrong with my Direct X and I would like to UNINSTALL it and re-install it but I fear that I may have to re-install windows to do this... dx*.*, d3d*.* and there are drivers that supply directx features for your graphics card. It does not allow me to repair or modify the current installation.

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Over time, we expect that games will build Direct X 12’s capabilities , which will lead to even more impressive gains.

If I select yes it runs fine if I select no Dx Diag hangs and crashes. I have uninstalled all the games and STEAM and reinstalled after a reboot.

I have updated my video drivers and even rolled back my drivers a few just to see if that had something to do with it. link in Add Ram's post, which is this one: Direct X End-User Runtime Web Installer.

These new techniques can lead to a tremendous increase in expressiveness and optimization opportunities.

Typically, when game developers decide to support Direct X 12 in their engine, they will do so in phases.