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Such was the “ark of bulrushes” in which Moses was hidden by his mother.

A kindred sort of vessel grew up by the use of skins and hides expanded upon a wicker framework.

The paddling is certainly the older practice, for the hieroglyph depicts two arms grasping an oar in the attitude of paddling, and the hieroglyphs were invented in the earliest ages.

And that practice may really have ceased before 2,500 B.

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava said they set out on May 3 for what they thought would be an 18 day trip from Hawaii to Tahiti.

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Men may have navigated boats upon the Levantine lake before the refilling of the Mediterranean by the Atlantic waters.

And so long as the Mediterranean nations dominated Western Europe, vessels of the southern type were built upon the northern coasts, though there generally was wind enough here for sails and too much wave for oars....

The art of rowing can first be discerned upon the Nile.

Along the eastern end of the Mediterranean, the Phoenicians, a Semitic people, set up a string of independent harbour towns of which Acre, Tyre, and Sidon were the chief; and later they pushed their voyages westward and founded Carthage and Utica in North Africa.

Possibly Phoenician keels were already in the Mediterranean by 2,000 B. Both Tyre and Sidon were originally on islands, and so easily defensible against a land raid.