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Whether the recruiting is done directly or indirectly, the result is the same, and we reserve the right to enforce our rule. In our experience, such Christian chat/forum "ministry" sites whose teams are in our site ultimately become very piggybacked on CC (their teams recruiting or inviting CC members, either directly within CC, or indirectly outside of CC) -- and in almost every case, in denial about it.

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If you are trying to build up your own online fellowship (chat site or forum or facebook group or skype group whatever), leeching off of another online fellowship (by trying to recruit its users) is not the way to do it. While on CC using any method of communication on CC to inform them of your site or online fellowship/teaching/ministry group or venue. Team members from other Christian chat/forum sites (admins, moderators, "ministry teams", etc.) do NOT have the God-given right to be in Christian without the knowledge and consent of the CC admin team.There are so many charities people claim (e.g., orphanages in India, food for Africa, etc.) and we have no way to verify these things.And besides, people don't join our chat rooms to be solicited, so please refrain.Assistance can do more harm than good because it enables continued idleness. Any material posted that is not original to that post (copied from another web page or printed source) should have appropriate foot noting crediting the original source.Users can become open to potential financial scams. When users smoke or drink alcoholic beverages on cam it results in complaints from members (and some may think the user is drunk, or smoking weed, etc.), so to make our lives simpler we ask that users refrain from smoking or drinking on cam. If the material is original to you but has been copied from or posted on another web page please reference that page to eliminate the possibility of someone mistakenly accusing you of plagiarism.