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In the case of Noire, who we’re focusing on today, she embodies Sony and its Play Station brand, with her younger sister Uni flying the flag for Sony’s portable systems the PSP and Vita. ”) Somewhat abrasive, aggressive and ambitious on the surface, it would be understandable for your first impression of Noire to be that she just wants to push everyone away and be by herself, but little tells that become increasingly obvious as the games’ stories and the goddesses’ relationships with one another progress reveal that, in fact, the opposite is true.

There are actually several incarnations of Noire throughout the series — Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 is regarded as a reboot of the series, while regularly spouting the sort of things you’d expect to hear from such a character. The seemingly dappy (but actually quite astute) Neptune sees through Noire’s façade almost immediately after they meet, quickly taking to poking fun at her by calling her Lonely Heart and drawing attention to her apparent neediness any time she comes to visit.

Noire is practically inseparable from newcomer Plutia in the parallel universe of building up your relationship with Noire allows you to see another side to her — a softer side, less concerned with always trying to look like a strong, indomitable force of will; more willing to accept honest, helpful criticism; and more open about the things she loves.

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She But amid all that, and beneath their sometimes snarky, sometimes abrasive exteriors, all the incarnations of Noire from the various games share one thing in common: they’d never admit it, but they truly value friendship and closeness.

And, since Noire — also known as Black Heart — is indisputably my favorite member of the cast, I figured there was no better place to start.

I’m not the only one who favours Noire, mind; such was her popularity in Japan that she recently got her own game: a Vita-based, Sting-co-developed strategy RPG spinoff of the series, here’s the gist: the games are set in a realm known as Gamindustri, which is split into four nations named Planeptune, Lastation, Leanbox and Lowee.

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