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Just do it because the phone cries out to be used in combination with this app.Especially for you as a Nokia Asha 502 user, we have investigated the following: Can i download and install Whats App or not?Internal storage capacity, screen and RAM Memory The display of the Nokia Asha 502 has a resolution of 3.0 inches, 240 x 320 pixels.That is clear and bright enough for reading messages.This device is not really suitable for most recent Apps like Whats App, Maps or Facebook.A good camera is useful when you share a lot of photos via social media like Twitter or Whats App.Whats App should work smooth with the Nokia Asha 502 thanks to the 128 MB internal capacity. We should also take the RAM and Operating System into account.

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Do you also install Whats App on the Nokia Asha 502.Are you satisfied or do you want more information to read?Below we have written a review about Whats App for Nokia Asha 502.Type of Operating system and release date This device was launched around October 2013.This means this phone is already several years old, but still very popular in countries in Africa and Latin America.