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GED Ohio Prison Stories Rhode Island GED North Dakota GED GED Around the World Ghana GED GED New Mexico Wyoming GED South Dakota GED get better on my recovery from being an addict since I was 15. I am still struggling because I need guidance, someone to show me and tell me how and what to do.My children are in the system and I’m hoping to reunite with them and become the mother I always wanted to be. My dream is to get a license for care giving for the elders or high school BOOM all my grades went from that to straight Es/Fs. I want to show my family that I made it without them.So that’s when I knew I didn’t want to go to school anymore and decided to get my GED.Then once I get my GED off to college I’ll go and become a CNA.The problem I am facing is that I doubt if I can make it or not or if I’m welcome since I’m a Filipino.But my fiancé encouraged me to give it try because it’s like a now or never opportunity and we don’t get any younger.Pictured as a child (center)Communist Czechoslovakian authorities then banned her parents from reclaiming her, and it took seven years - and a failed rescue attempt from her mother - for Ms Porizkova to be reunited with her family.

Now that I have my GED I plan to migrate and apply for a job.I can’t move back in because she wouldn’t let me keep my baby and if she did she wouldn’t ever let me see my boyfriend ever again.I love both my boyfriend and my child and I’m not going to let anything get in between us.I feel on top of the world, and if I can do it then I believe anyone can do it! One of the biggest things is that they have diplomas that helped them to achieve their dreams.My husband motivated me and encouraged me to get the GED so I won’t be stuck on the bottom and not to waste my time.