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She can also make it clear that this information is NOT private (see our post on cell phones) and that she will be monitoring the content on all her devices.

Keep in mind that taking this approach, doesn’t guarantee that Francis will stay in the loop on every development.

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In situations like these, we highly recommend that parents get consultation from a trusted friend or professional to help them think more clearly and act most effectively.Most fundamentally, you need to remember the #1 Rule of the Universe: You CANNOT control or change another person – .Now, let’s apply this principle to Francis’s tween dating dilemma: Francis cannot realistically keep her daughter from seeing Mr. She CAN, however, restrict her from going to his house or seeing him outside of school hours.Parents who have tried this soon realize that this approach produces new challenges and is not practically sustainable.Francis CAN, however, limit the time her daughter spends on these devices.