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Also, although you have to pay for clothing and the chance to virtually hang with actual cast members — as well as to access certain categories and game elements — it's possible to play mostly pro bono by collecting enough coins along the way.

(MTV characters can only be bought with cash — which costs money — however.) The game also has a more concrete component; if your friends (and love interests) choose to play, you can date them virtually as well.

According to Burrell, audiences watch MTV shows for some level of connection, and also aspiration.

By interacting with characters in the virtual realm, Burrell told us, people can both relate to them and walk in their shoes.

There were countdowns, shows about music videos, VJs who talked about music videos, and other things having to do with — you guessed it — music videos. Sure MTV has shows on now, but they just don’t compare.

One by one, the hopeful suitors are eliminated, until only one remains. The most recent 'Bachelorette' hot couple, Emily Maynard and Jeff Holm, just broke off their much-publicized engagement. And, if you're a reality TV addict, consider voting on these lists of the best reality competition shows, reality dramas, cooking competition TV shows and medical shows.It's not clear who found this out first, but someone on Bachand posted a link to the show's trailer on June 9, and on June 10."The E & G Podcast" also shared a clip on Instagram.You can share photos and updates on your Facebook Wall as you go along as well., your mom can stop asking when you're gonna settle down...