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The White House spreadsheet lists the numbers as “max value.” For instance, a huge chunk of the total — 0 billion — refers to a technology investment fund set up by Soft Bank and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, of which the Saudis were contributing billion.But that fund was announced three weeks before the U. elections, when Trump was regarded as having little chance of winning.

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More than 30 commercial deals that include companies like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, GE, Dow, Honeywell, Emerson, Alcoa, and Cisco, among others, that will result in an additional 0 billion of Saudi investment in American businesses and American jobs.” — White House spokesman Sean Spicer, news briefing, May 30 The Fact Checker often is wary when an administration touts the potential benefits from an overseas deal, as there is a natural instinct to count chickens before they hatch.

But other big-ticket items on the list have not been announced, and few if any contracts appear to have been signed.

The spreadsheet suggests potentially huge deals for Raytheon, but a spokesman for the weapons and defense electronics manufacturer said only: “The MOU [memorandum of understanding] with Saudi Arabian Military Industries and our establishment of Raytheon Arabia are in their early days.

Another telltale sign: Congress has not been officially notified of many of the Trump-era agreements.

A congressional aide said that Congress has been notified about billion in letters of agreement, dating to 2015, which have not yet been signed by Saudi Arabia.