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There is a tender dewy mimose in the heart, which is blended with watery note of lotus and an interesting accord of linen sail of a yacht. Almost a dead ringer for Tommy Bahama "Cognac," but with a bit shorter longevity and an added woodsy/mossy note that is most welcome in an otherwise fruit-forward freshie. :) Cheap, super clean crowd pleaser, warm weather scent. E6 8014943496 - 100m L This is the bottle with the plastic cap. That being said, am definitely buying another one when current bottle runs out. I liked it a lot more at first, it is kind of like a cooling cucumber. However, after smelling some better frags, this one smells very synthetic and I can only handle it every once in a while. I've never received more compliments from a fragrance than Nautica Voyage!

The composition is laid on a woody base, combined of cedar, moss, musk and amber. My stomach starts to hurt after smelling it a lot and I get really tired of it. Including a girl from a drive-thru who complimented me and ask me what I was wearing and that I smelled so good, and the next time I went inside the place she remembered me and even told the other employees that I smelled so good. Smells good and is VERY long lasting with great projection (I had the newer reformulated version with plastic cap). HOWEVER it gives me really bad nausea and a bad feeling..maybe even headache whenever I smell it, for this reason I gave away my bottle to a friend. It just smelled so good and, believe it or not, unique.

I can see no harm being done by wearing it but I'd say it's not the most adventurous statement a guy could make in wearing a cologne.

I'm not sure how often I will wear it when I have the choice of Versace Pour Homme and Chanel Allure Sport, both of which are more distinctive fragrances in the spring/summer aquatic space.

Every so often you get a whiff that smells like the ocean that is nice but the syntheticness overpowers most of the time and is just not as enjoyable. (no other fragrance ever made me feel nauseous) A previous classmate of mine wore this. I honestly believe that the scent profile here can go head to head with Aventus. It’s like sipping an ice-cold cucumber juice after a strenuous back or chest day.

Other people that have commented on it on me however seem to like it a lot and it lasts and projects for a very long time. In the meantime, you have to bear 6 hours of top opening before it dries down. Moreover, it is destroys a lot of the other designer and niche "Most Complimented Lists." The women I know go nuts over this. It is an aquatic, but it is not like an aquatic you have ever come across. But there is a darkish element in the background too. Subsequntly, it doesn't just evaporate into the air. It stays with me while working out for an hour until I take a shower.

smells like ocean water, summer breezes, and flowers all together. i can't tell how long it lasts yet but will guess around 4-6 hours. definitely had a few people tell me they can smell it while i sprayed it on a couple of hours earlier.

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This is a fragrance for an active and romantic man who lives by his own rules. I have VMAF and ADG, this can not compete in the same level. I'll just throw this one in my car for the gym or emergencies.Definitely aquatic/cucumber like opening with a sweet apple kick after.Good for Australian summer day or nite running around doing casual things.This is very easy going, very soft and at the same time performance is rather exceptional for its price tag and aquatic denomination. Also I think it is quite hard to over spray it or even offend anyone with this one, I mean even if you over spray it the scent will still gonna be quite transparent and unoffensive. Just my opinion...perhaps it has been reformulated?All the notes here are discernible and there are several phases of evolution here, with the lotus, green and apple accords extending themselves deep into the dry-down. I absolutely do get an "appley" soapy body wash vibe from this.